Old Saxon wulf, Old Norse ulfr, Old Frisian, Dutch, Old High

The judge has set the date for the trial. Set also has some standard intransitive uses, as «to pass below the horizon» (The sun sets late in the northern latitudes during the summer) and «to become firm, solid, etc.» (This glue sets quickly). The use of set for sit, «to be seated,» is nonstandard: Pull up a chair and set by me.

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canada goose jackets Old English wulf, from Proto Germanic wulfaz (cf. Old Saxon wulf, Old Norse ulfr, Old Frisian, Dutch, Old High German, German wolf, Gothic wulfs), from PIE wlqwos/lukwos, from root wlp /lup (cf. Sanskrit vrkas, Avestan vehrka ; Albanian ulk; Old Church Slavonic vluku; Russian volcica; Lithuanian vilkas «wolf;» Old Persian Varkana «Hyrcania,» district southeast of the Caspian Sea, literally «wolf land;» probably also Greek lykos, Latin lupus). canada goose jackets

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